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Thursday Throwback [Tom Penny]

Fornavn Efternavn 16. Jul 2009

We finnished off our LAB Video throwback series, but the thursday sessions are still alive! This week we talked about finding some of our old time favourite skaters and post some their old parts which we found inspiring at the time. One person immediately came into mind, The Penny. We found this montage of old footage and I got to admit I?m really surprised how contemporary it looks. Most of the time it?s disappointing finding old footage, because you always remember it as been much more impressive and stylish than it actually is. But this montage is still cool, and when thinking back to the early days of the Christiania ramp (when it was still outside, and completely impossible to grind) I?m still impressed of the way he skated that thing. I remember watching him sit for hours and do nothing for then suddenly get up and kill the ramp, like no one else does it to this day. Video after the jump