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LABMAN - The Game [In The Making]

Fornavn Efternavn 12. May 2010

For a while we have been talking about making something new on the site. After discussing a lot of different options, making videogames came up as a possibility. However two problems immediately came to mind after deciding to try and make a video game.

First problem; how? None of us could make a game. But after searching through our friend database, two people came up. David, a good friend of the staff, is an employee at computer game company, doing graphics. He was with the idea right away. Searching my memory I suddenly remembered a conversation with “Have” a skater I knew from way back. The conversation was one the “so what are you doing nowadays” conversation, and “Have” told me he was programming videogames for cell phones. We contacted Have, and he was like “I haven’t tried it before, but let me have a look at it”. Cool.

Next problem; what is the game going to be about? We wanted to make it a bit simple and still with a little ironic twist to it. That was the basic idea but the question; what is the game going to be about, remained? The answer came from David, but in another context. He sent a link to a youtube video called “A fistful of quarters”, that he thought was funny. (Seriously, if you have just a little interest in classic arcade games, you have got to watch the links below.) After looking it through it was clear that Billie Mitchell was the new office hero, and we somehow had to make a tribute. Since he was the first to make the perfect game of Pacman, we figured we would make a Pacman game from a skaters perspective. The ghost should be cops, the power ups should be LAB logos, the bonus should be getting a chance to kill a rollerblader and Pacman himself should of course be a skater.

The videogame will be online early next week, so stay tuned for more updates!

Check out the trailer for "The King Of Kong - A Fistful Of Quaters" here below (+ the entire movie in parts)



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